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Buy iOS App Reviews: The Ultimate Guide to Boost Your App Ranking

If you’re an iOS app developer or owner, you know how crucial it is to have positive reviews for your app. Positive reviews can boost your app ranking, increase visibility, and attract more potential users. On the other hand, negative reviews can have a damaging effect on your app’s reputation, causing users to avoid downloading it altogether. This is why buying iOS app reviews has become a popular and effective way to improve your app’s ranking and overall performance. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about buying iOS app reviews, including the benefits, risks, and best practices.

What Are iOS App Reviews?

iOS app reviews are user-generated feedback and opinions about your app. Users can leave a rating, usually on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, and write a review about their experience with your app. App reviews are visible on your app’s listing in the App Store, and potential users use them as a factor in deciding whether to download your app or not.

Why Are iOS App Reviews Important?

Positive iOS app reviews can benefit your app in many ways, such as:

1. Boosting App Ranking: Positive reviews, especially with high ratings, can significantly increase your app’s ranking in the App Store search results. This can make your app more visible to potential users and increase the number of downloads.

2. Attracting Potential Users: Users often look for reviews before downloading an app. Positive reviews can persuade potential users to try out your app and increase the download rate.

3. Improving User Engagement: Positive reviews can help build trust with your users, leading to more engagement and loyalty. Users are more likely to continue using an app with positive reviews and share it with others.

Negative Impact of Bad Reviews

Negative reviews can have a detrimental effect on your app’s performance, such as:

1. Decreasing App Ranking: Bad reviews can result in lowered ratings, causing your app to plummet in the search results and lose visibility.

2. Lowering Downloads: Users are less likely to download an app with negative reviews. Bad reviews can decrease the number of downloads and lead to a lower return on investment.

3. Harming Your Reputation: Negative reviews can damage your app’s reputation, leading to a decrease in user trust, engagement, and loyalty. Users are less likely to recommend your app to others and even more likely to delete it.

Buying iOS App Reviews: The Pros and Cons

Buying iOS app reviews can seem like an easy and quick solution to improve your app’s ranking, but it’s not without risks. Here are some pros and cons to consider:


1. Fast and Effective: Buying iOS app reviews can quickly boost your app’s ranking and visibility, resulting in increased downloads and revenue.

2. Increased Social Proof: Positive reviews can increase social proof for your app, leading to a higher level of user engagement and loyalty.

3. Improved User Acquisition: A higher app ranking and positive reviews can attract more potential users, leading to a higher number of downloads and improved user acquisition.


1. Risk of Buying Fake Reviews: Buying fake reviews can lead to legal consequences, a damaged reputation, and a decrease in app ranking.

2. Risk of Inauthentic User Feedback: Buying reviews may not reflect the authentic user experience with your app. This can cause user disappointment and negative feedback, leading to an even lower app ranking.

3. Violation of App Store Guidelines: Buying reviews violates App Store guidelines and can result in the removal of your app from the App Store.

Where to Buy iOS App Reviews?

Although purchasing iOS app reviews is not recommended, many companies offer these services. It’s important to do thorough research on these companies and look for transparency in their reviews before making a purchase.

Best Practices for Buying iOS App Reviews

If you decide to purchase iOS app reviews, here are some best practices to follow:

1. Use a Reputable Company: Do research on the company offering the service and look for reviews from reputable sources.

2. Avoid Cheap Reviews: Cheap reviews are often fake and can harm your app’s reputation.

3. Mix of Ratings: Don’t exclusively buy 5-star reviews. This can raise suspicion and is not reflective of authentic user feedback.

Tips to Reduce Risks of Buying Fake Reviews

If you’re worried about buying fake reviews, here are some tips to help reduce the risk:

1. Monitor Your App Reviews: Continuously monitor your app reviews and identify trends in feedback to ensure authentic reviews.

2. Encourage Organic Reviews: Encourage your users to leave honest reviews by offering rewards or an improved app experience.

3. Report Fake Reviews: Report any fake reviews to Apple, who has the authority to remove fraudulent reviews.

How to Get Organic Reviews for Your App?

The best way to receive organic reviews for your app is by offering an exceptional user experience, responding to feedback, and actively engaging with your users. Here are some tips:

1. Respond to Reviews: Respond positively to feedback, address user concerns, and show that you care about their experience.

2. Encourage Reviews: Encourage users to leave a review with in-app messaging or personalized emails.

Improve User Experience: Continuously improve your app based on user feedback, and ensure their experience is exceptional.


Buying iOS app reviews can be an effective way to improve your app’s ranking and increase downloads. However, it’s essential to understand the risks and make an informed decision. Encouraging organic reviews and offering an exceptional user experience are the most effective ways to obtain authentic and meaningful reviews for your app.


1. Is it legal to buy iOS app reviews?

Buying fake reviews is illegal and considered fraud. The App Store prohibits buying reviews and can result in the removal of your app.

2. What is the best way to obtain positive iOS app reviews?

The best way to obtain positive reviews is by offering an exceptional user experience, responding to feedback, and actively engaging with your users.

3. Can buying iOS app reviews lead to a ban by App Store?

Buying fake reviews that violate App Store guidelines can lead to a ban by App Store.

4. How can I report fake reviews on my app?

You can report fake reviews to Apple through the App Store Connect by clicking on the “Report a Concern” button.

5. Are all reviews on the App Store authentic?

No, some reviews may be fake or artificially sourced. It’s important to monitor your app reviews and ensure authenticity.

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